A BOLD Idea: Identity-smart Currency

One example of a ‘BOLD‘ Idea is “Identity-Smart Currency”.

As they describe on their web site, the Canadian Royal Mint is “challenging software developers to create apps for MintChip, the evolution of currency”, and they’re offering stashes of gold bullion as prizes! Carpe Diem for sure.

With one part of BOLD being ‘Linked Data’, as enabled by a protocol like XDI, then a good way to suggest a possible connection between this field and digital currency is in the blog from one key XDI expert, called ‘Gluu’. (See their product profile).

In their article “The Currency of Identifiers” they make the link not just between Digital Currency and Identity Ecosystems but also that they can co-create one another, proposing an idea for a system based on “xdiCoins”, a combination of the identity protocol with the Bitcoin technology.

These would seem like great ideas for Canadian developers to consider when brainstorming ideas for the challenge.