Configuration Management and Cloud BCP

A critical insight to be aware of when planning Business Continuity is the fact that your biggest risk isn’t a huge data-centre fire or flood, but rather from tiny issues related to Configuration Management, best practices such as the CMMI process.

For example in this review of the FAA outage that took out air traffic control systems, they attributed the downtime to a component failure then compounded by a follow on configuration issue.

A recently published study from DR provider SunGard Availability Services LP showed that of the 2,250 disaster events SunGard handled in 2008, hardware failure accounted for 500 of them.

The article then highlights how this can then be compounded by configuration management issues –  For example the protocol backup may not have been configured correctly, so it never takes over – This is the case in the FAA incident.

In another article Bill Hughes, director of consulting services at SunGard Availability Services confirms this point. “Maybe your biggest vulnerability is change control and the software release process. Focus more on those pains more often,” Hughes said.

Hence why Evolven is such a powerful toolset to consider in these scenarios –

They provide software for exactly this: Configuration Management within complex Cloud environments.

Read more here about how it can be applied to the BCP scenario.