Cloud PR

Our PR and Marketing services help vendors generate leads for Cloud solutions.

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Thought Leadership

Our Marketing Services are intended for startups, vendors and service providers who want to position themselves as thought leading experts in the Cloud industry. The CBPN can create and provide content to populate your own blogs and white papers.

This can play a key role in stimulating end user demand for promoting Cloud solutions, through compelling article on how the Cloud can benefit them.

For example check out our contributed column to the Allstream corporate blog, for a regular schedule of blogs covering buzz-building topics like the X Internet, Mobile Cloud Workers and more…

Shane Schick, Editor for Allstream Expert IP, recommends this work:

“I recruiter Neil as a contributor to, an online community produced by Allstream that focuses on important IT trends, including cloud computing. His posts have almost always generated high levels of traffic, and it’s no wonder. Neil writes about the things our audience cares about, which include the bottom-line impact cloud computing will have on their organization, and he does so without any kind of vendor bias or overt promotion for his own activities. He’s also proactive in pitching ideas, works quickly and is responsive to any feedback. It’s been wonderful to publish his work.”


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