Small Business Guide to the Cloud

sme-book2The Guardian Newspaper asked “David vs Goliath: Is Cloud Computing the New Slingshot?”

We say Yes!, and have assembled a team of Cloud experts to explain how. Download our free 27-page e-book:

Cloud-Powered Small Business.

Authors and topics in this eBook include:

Neil McEvoy, CEO, Cloud Best Practices Network, on the power of Cloud to accelerate new innovations, launch and sell new products in the Cloud 2.0 age.
Brandon Kolybaba, CEO, Sheepdog Inc. – On best practices for IT outsourcing for small businesses.
Brad McMillan, Principal, Apps on Tap – Brad provides a comprehensive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis of outsourcing your IT from a Cloud Provider.
Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sensible Software – On the risks and thrills of bootstrapping start-ups.
Mayukh Gon, CEO, SmartSignin – Mayukh is a leading Canadian Cloud entrepreneur, and shares his insights into the best Cloud apps for small businesses to use.
Richard Nolan, CEO, Virtual Contact – Richard explains how to boost staff productivity through Outlook Cloud Services
Sushil Seth, Consultant, e-Ternity – Sushil provides an in-depth review of how to leverage the Cloud for enhanced business continuity.
Thabang Mashologu, Senior Product Manager, Allstream – Thabang is a product innovation leader specializing in Unified Communications technologies and tools.
Jennifer Marsh, Rackspace – Jennifer is a software developer, programmer and technology writer for Rackspace.

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