BYOD – Bring Your Own Doctor

tricorder1The headline theme for our next seminar is ‘BYOD’ – Bring Your Own Doctor.

In this March 4th article The Smartphone Will See You Now, the Canadian magazine McLeans reported on the work of the E-Health futurist Eric Topol.

Topol describes the growing trend of patients using their own smartphones and e-health apps to self-assess their own medical conditions. There are apps and add-on devices that allow you to use it like your own little ‘tricorder‘.

By doing so patients can tend to much of the medical work which is i) mundane, and ii) device-reliant, like blood monitoring etc. What better than your own smartphone, especially if you then upload that data to your own self-owned and controlled electronic patient record, like ZenVault.

This seminar will build on our first workshop in this series – Disruptive business models for E-Health, here are the slides.

This is a very important aspect of the Cloud industry as you can imagine, where the maturing smartphone market intersects with the growth of Big Data services from Cloud providers. These units will fuel the sensor-network driven flow of massive amounts of data that will need software like Google Big Query applied to it.

Our workshop will showcase the technical blueprints and business models that can best exploit this ‘PaaS’ (Platform as a Service) within the context of healthcare industry disruption.


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