Google Cloud Identity – A Zero Trust Architecture for Patient Privacy at Web Scale

digital_identity2Our first CCN Meet Up is scheduled for next week 21st, where the TGH Centre for Global E-Health Innovation is kindly hosting Disruptive Business Models for E-Health.

Having recently joined Sheepdog, one of Canada’s leading Google Cloud consulting partners, I will be presenting on the role of Google Cloud services in this scenario, and specifically will focus on Cloud Identity architecture.

CloudIDsec – Google Cloud Identity

Another announcement is I have recently proposed a new Kantara working group, called Cloud Identity and Security Best Practices, and last week this was approved by their leadership team.

To introduce the group and the R&D focus my presentation will describe how these practices can be used with the Google Cloud services to achieve a ‘Zero Trust Identity’ architecture, and how this can enable a patient record security model based on distributed web principles, describing:

  • An IDaaS which uses brokerage and orchestration to manage identity and fact based policy access to data
  • Restful API’s front services for orchestrating policy, authorization, multiple forms of authentication and adaptation to enterprise access schemes
  • Public cloud applications using identity based cryptography to protect data stored in foreign locations
  • Patient data access, including insurance carriers, through user managed permissions for care providers

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