– A “social directory” for the Canadian Cloud industry

CN_Tower_Lightning2We have now launched an industry directory for the Canadian Cloud industry:

Our goal is to help customers find local Canadian service options for their Cloud needs, and provide a showcase vehicle for the many smaller providers who are starting out.

What I’m attempting with this site is a “Social Directory”.

There are no shortage of supplier directories out there, but they tend to be a little dry, and so rather than a static listing for each entry, we’ll instead use social media content.

The site is a wiki and we’ll integrate blogs, Linkedin groups et al, so that it’s fresh and compelling, and thus works better to attract more traffic and potential customers for the listed companies.

For each supplier I’ll send out a tweet to our Linkedin contact base (10k+) so hopefully it will provide a kick to their PR efforts and help raise the profile of the industry overall.

It’s also a ‘Best Practices Directory’, so it’s organized around educational information that will prove helpful to potential customers, for example listing all providers who specialize in Cloud Identity.

If you’d like to get listed, just email me to get started….


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