Go Big! Disruptive business models for E-Health

CN_Tower_Lightning3We have now confirmed the date and venue for our first CCN Meet Up:

Our keynote speaker is Dennis Giokas, CTO for Emerging Technologies at Canada Health Infoway. As was reported here Dennis was taken on to lead this focus on disruptive technology innovations for the Canadian EHR standards work.

The second confirmed speaker is an example of this type of innovation – ZenVault is pioneering a “Personal EMR”, a healthcare records system where YOU control and own your own data, in the Cloud. Brad Claus, Chief Operating Officer, will be flying up to join us.

disruption3The Trillion Dollar Opportunity : Go Big Canadian Cloudies!

The single most important theme recurring through our CCN work is to convey just how big a disruption the trend of Cloud computing is bringing, and the scale of opportunity this therefore presents for entrepreneurs.

Healthcare is a very powerful example industry, effectively conveyed through this post from Avado, where they refer to a recent Health Startups conference where this same message was communicated.

They make a key point about the opportunity being so massive that many start-ups are aiming too small. This is a sentiment recently mirrored by a VC guru about Canadian start-ups in general, where he says they either need to Go Big or Go Home.

Our goal is to provide a catalyzing context for start-ups of this magnitude – We`ll help entrepreneurs identify these mega growth markets and formulate start-ups with suitably large ambitions.

In short we’ll help them GO BIG so they don’t have to go home…

Register here


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