Federated ID-enabled Consent Management services

In the Canada Health Infoway Cloud strategy document they call for “F/IDM” and Consent Management services.

F/IDM stands for Federated Identity Management, and Consent Management the specific functionality that this type of system enables. In short it manages the Privacy aspects of managing your online data, where you might provide Consent to your bank for them to provide your banking related data to another organization, like a government agency.

F/IDM is the core technical building blocks for how this data exchange is enabled, how the different organizations implement the shared rules that regulate the exchanges.

This same architecture and set of services is also called for from the Canadian Government – In this paper they describe the need and opportunity for a pan-Canadian Federated Identity system, uniting different levels of the public sector.

The services this would enable are described in use case scenarios on page 5, such as:

  • An individual moving from Nova Scotia to BC notifies Service Canada, who then provides BC with the new address data
  • An Ontario driver renews his driver’s licence and selects the enhanced identity verification option, which then allows his drivers licence data to be used for other processes, like this one above
  • A Windsor resident opening a small business is offered a streamlined licencing application procedure

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