OASIS : Open Cloud Ecosystem

There is a growing momentum in the industry that is buzzing about the ‘Open Cloud’.

Typically this refers to the open source software aspect of Cloud software, like OpenStack, or other options like OpenNebula.

There is also the other dimension of open standards. This will become critically important as interoperability becomes the single most important factor of deciding what Cloud services to use, or not use.

OASIS has started to emerge as the global powerhouse in this area. With a foundation of developing application integration standards for XML Web services, the organization is uniquely positioned to address this requirement.

Recently there has been a surge in Cloud-specific standards, such as TOSCA and CAMP, and others like OData will become the most important lynchpin standard for the adoption of Cloud by sectors like Government.

For an overview of how these different standards fit together within an overall Cloud ecosystem, check out this presentation:

Download : OASIS In The Cloud presentation.


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