Perspecsys – Cloud Data Privacy

Perspecsys are a vendor offering technologies for ‘Cloud Privacy By Design’ best practices, or what they call ‘Cloud Data Protection’.

They are pioneering a key segment of the Cloud industry, the ‘On-Site Cloud Gateway’ device.

Although Cloud value is conveyed by the centralized and shared hosting of applications, there are a number of factors that will require some form of ‘Cloud Router’ to be installed on the client site too.

Perspecsys cater for Cloud Data Privacy, meaning the dreaded issue of risks like the Patriot Act exposing your data to search and seizure, achieved by encrypting your data prior to it being ‘uploaded to the Cloud’, including data inputs to SaaS like

This enables compliance with regulations like FIPS 140-2, a robust set of security standards defined by the USA Government, which in turn provides a foundation for achieving compliance with many other industry programs, like HIPAA and HITECH for Healthcare.

Cloud Maturity Product Features

Perspecsys are one of the expert contributors to our Cloud RFP Maturity Model, and specifically their product can help through:

  • Encryption Impact on Cloud Functionality – Encryption choices have little or zero impact on core features (It`s possible for Cloud encryption technologies to break some SaaS functionality).
  • Tokenization – Full token management support can be provided to individual tenant customers, and it includes separation of token vault from SaaS instance.
  • Integration through Open Standards – Support for external streams without coding (using standards such as SMTP relay, SOAP, etc.)
  • Support for all types of unstructured data – Can encrypt all modes of structured and unstructured data.

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