Microsoft Private Cloud 2.0 – Platform for Public SaaS Entrepreneurs

For budding Canadian Cloud entrepreneurs, we’re creating the ‘Canadian SaaS Entrepreneur‘ program.

This is intended for very early stage venture ideas, where as the title suggests the ideas are for Software-as-a-Service business ventures, the building blocks of an Apps Store Digital Economy.

Private Cloud 2.0

The program is based on using the template resources provided through the book of the same name, this puts the core foundation in place that is your SaaS revenue and cost model, and via a great intro to the industry from one of its veterans.

Via local SaaS experts like myself we then help you tailor the resources for your idea, and also help complete the plan through a platform strategy, with one of these being the Microsoft Private Cloud 2.0 story.

It might seem oxymoronic, a public SaaS running on a private Cloud, but one of the points we’ll explain is that ultimately the terms Public or Private Clouds are a bit meaningless on one level, there is only granular user access control, for different audiences. In short the Cloud Identity Ecosystem.

How to achieve this is one of the topics we`ll explain, and furthermore and more importantly it will help clarify associated market opportunities.

For example the program is based here in Ontario initially, where the Province is actually one of Microsoft’s leading Private Cloud case studies, and their CIO is a big advocate of the SaaS business model, both as a government user and also as a catalyst focus for a stronger local ICT industry.

Government SaaS Innovators

In this interview with Dave Nicholl, CIO for Ontario Province, talks about how they would consider this type of service for key requirements like their Drivers Licence applications.

“Typically, software as a service providers don’t create applications tailored for governments, he said. That said, “if we could find a drivers [licence] system that was software as a service we’d absolutely look at it,” he added – if it had adequate security.”

Imagine if that app were first created here in Canada, to meet local Ontario requirements, and is then sold throughout the world via these channels. Every other government has the same needs for a drivers licence app amongst others, and they all work much the same way, so there is indeed a global opportunity presented.


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