Cloud Innovation – Hot Topics

Our next series of white papers and solution guides will cover the following topics, and also provide a focus for developing new start-up innovations:

# Telco Cloud Services:

The role Telcos will play in delivering next generation Cloud services:

  • IPv6: Platform for the X Internet
  • SIP & SAML: Integrating social media with unified comms through Identity 2.0
  • Identity 2.0 – Achieving Mobile Commerce through Federated Identity

# Private Cloud Managed Services

The most likely first step for many enterprise customers will be the adoption of their own Private Clouds, with best practices addressing:

  • TOSCA: The OASIS standard for service orchestration and how it fits with ITIL
  • CloudStack VDI: Implementing Private Cloud Desktops-as-a-Service via Citrix Cloudstack
  • DevOps and Six Sigma: Accelerating software development while also improving Quality

# EU Data Privacy – Cloud Best Practices

With the EU preparing to implement their next generation of Data Privacy Protection laws there is a great opportunity to showcase the matching innovations in Cloud Security and how they can be leveraged to meet these requirements:

  • Encryption best practices – Cloud Security Alliance framework for applying encryption across Clouds
  • Cloud Archiving and Compliance – Managed service platforms for Cloud Providers to meet the requirements
  • Data Portability – Advances in Internet standards for Personal Data Clouds

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