CIMtrek Announces Application and Document Archiving

London, UK September 17th 2012

CIMTrek Ltd, a leader in the automated migration of Lotus Notes applications today announced a cost effective and unique mechanism for Archiving Lotus Notes applications, associated data and attachments.

Within most organizations there exists a need to archive older documents and data in case they need to be referenced in the future. This is not normally an issue, unless you are sun-setting legacy systems, E.G. Lotus Notes, then you need to address the issue of taking a snap-shot of the data and, more importantly a means to view it in the future.

Today’s announcement from CIMtrek provides the answer for Lotus Notes users.

For your snap-shot we extract all your Notes/Domino applications data and attachments into an open RDBMS solution such as SQL Server or MySQL.  We then “migrate” your applications to a “read only” format that provides you with a view into your data with the same look and feel of the original Notes application, but delivered in a browser and without the need for any Lotus Notes infrastructure.

This means that you can access the data and applications in their original formats without the requirement of Notes licenses – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance and support charges. The service couldn’t be simpler or faster, typically delivered in less than 5 days per application.

For more information please contact your local CIMtrek representative or partner.

“We believe that we offer a unique service for organizations wishing to archive either their entire Notes environment or just selected applications” says Jon Pyke, founder and CEO of CIMtrek. “This service is already being used by a number of customers and we see real demand from many more. Unlike other offerings that simply extract attachments, we provide the context and associated meta data so that the user and regulatory bodies can see how, why and when the documents were used”

CIMtrek will offer this option, as an additional service to its existing migration services portfolio.

About CIMtrek

CIMTrek is an international software company based in the UK, which was established in 2009 to provide the tools that help end user organizations understand the magnitude of the migration journey to the cloud, and to automate that migration. CIMtrek has developed a set of tools that migrate legacy applications, such as IBM’s Lotus Notes, to whichever cloud platform best meets the business need. Within a year of being established CIMtrek was recognized as a cool vendor by Gartner.

For more information please visit: .


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