– Cloud Standards Roadmap

A keynote document to use for planning your migration to Cloud Computing is the USA CIO Council’s recent publication: ‘Creating Effective Cloud Computing Contracts for the Federal Government‘.

Download here:

One of the key requirements they identify is that buying agencies should include base references from the open standards community into their own procurement RFPs.

“Standards specification: In accordance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-119, Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities, agencies should specify relevant voluntary consensus standards in their procurements. The NIST website includes a useful list of questions that agencies should consider before selecting standards for agency use”.

Our Cloud RFP Service ( provides a maturity model for cloud procurement, based on these and other requirements.

So with this in mind we will be providing an ongoing content series on the open standards group, in particular OASIS:

Relevant Cloud standards include:

TOSCA – Cloud ochestration
KMIP – Encryption Key Management
SAML – Cloud Identity
CAMP – New PaaS group

Stay tuned for publishing news…

Cheers, Neil.


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