Building a Bridge to the Cloud

One of the key focus areas of our Private Cloud 2.0 series is that the 2.0 part represents the ‘outside world’, even though it is focused on a Private Cloud scenario.

This is simply because it is inevitable and one of the valuable features of the Private Cloud approach – At some point you’ll want your Cloud to consume public Cloud resources.

So ‘Building a Bridge to the Cloud’ is a focus on the interconnection technologies that sit in between your Private Cloud and these public services, and encompasses:

  • WAN – Wide Area Network
  • Cloud VPN – Encryption between your office and their data centre
  • Cloud Identity – Federate on-premise and hosted Identity stores

Obviously the users in your office have to connect to the applications, and with them being in a remote site then they will be accessing it over some form of WAN. This brings into focus technologies like IPv6.

Cloud VPN features vendors like our partner Cohesive FT.

Click here to see this larger image of how their technologies enable a range of security features described in this press release, such as “BYON” – Bring Your Own Network: The ability to extend your existing LAN routing across the public Clouds.

In the case of ‘Identity Bridges’ this is a term recently coined by Gartner.

Read more here.


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