New white paper: Always On Digital Government

Here is our latest white paper, a document co-authored by myself and one of our Technology Strategy Board members Alan Gin, CEO of ZeroNines.

Download: Always On Digital Government (15-page PDF)

Always On Cloud Architecture

We were inspired to write this paper following the recent data centre outage in Calgary a few weeks back. The impact was  severe, knocking out a variety of important government systems and preventing a number of critical healthcare treatments.

The incident highlights how in-house systems are as much at risk of downtime as Amazons Cloud if they aren’t adequately designed for resilience, and just how important it is for the public sector to achieve 24×7 availability.

This defines the very immediate, very valuable role of the Always On architecture approach we describe for how Cloud Computing systems can be leveraged for business continuity purposes.

Not as a ‘cheap backup’ option that is activated only in the event of a disaster, because as Alan explains, this is still the same flawed model of the traditional DR approach, which is about reacting to a failure when it happens.

In contrast Always On is about a new Cloud-aware application architecture that spans your application across multiple data-centres so that you reduce the potential for downtime in the first place, it’s so highly available it is Always On.


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