How Guardtime enables Certified Cloud Services

One of our vendor partners that we are showcasing via our Canada Cloud Network, is Guardtime, a provider of “keyless signature” technology.

This is a technology capable of significant disruptive innovation because it’s so ideally suited to being part of the Cloud wave.

For example by working with Cloud platform Joyent they are able to offer solutions for Cloud hosting environments that can be more easily audited for Certification purposes, for example being deemed compliant with a national GovCloud program (G-Cloud et al).

Not only that but it can also be used at the higher document & process layers too, so you have this powerful `top-to-bottom`designed secure Cloud environment, capable of certifying all kinds of new, Security-centric applications.

These certified Cloud apps are then denoted like this, such as cMail, for Certified Email. This same effect can be applied to other processes, so that financial transactions through doctors eReferrals could be certified the same way, providing the same compliance benefits for their respective industry regulations.

It is how this is achieved that really emphasizes the nature of the Cloud disruption, where Guardtime explain here:

The difference between a 10,000 USD/TB regulatory archiving solution and 50c per month Cloud Storage solution is primarily one of tamper evidence – the rest is software. Historically this has been done in hardware/firmware. Now this can be replicated in your cloud storage solution with software, for a fraction of the cost. Software eats the world!

Indeed. The opportunity for government is that these mission-critical systems can now be applied across commodity infrastructure, in short from local small business Cloud providers, not just the few big outsourcers.

The “Old IT” world is all about big iron for big solutions, costing many millions, whereas Cloud is about the network effect and lots of low-cost commodity resource driven by market forces.

This means government buyers can avoid the big, locked-in contracts with the monolith suppliers and instead contract across a marketplace of local small biz suppliers as well where possible. Doing so generates the double benefit of lowering costs while also investing in the local economy.

Then, as Guardtime say, it`s simply having the right software implemented across it to leverage it to the same if not better standards.


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