The role of IDaaS in Cloud Service Brokerage

The other day I noticed a really interesting idea, that in the diagram for Cloud Service Brokers the author includes various technical architecture features as being component parts of the Cloud Service Broker model.

For example it includes ‘Identity’, and so on a recent Identity-related discussion thread I asked about this.

Lauren from Symplified gave such a great answer I thought it very useful to re-post here:

“The cool thing about a Cloud Broker is that they are packaging up Cloud Services into a Turn-Key solution with one SLA and layered Services on top of their offering like Help Desk, Implementation, etc. IAM plays a vital role from both an Integration (connecting all of the Silo Cloud Apps into Customer Store or Directory Services) and Federation or blurring the user experience.

Other benefits for a Cloud Broker that is leveraging Symplified IAM would be:
-Centralized User Control (They can offer a directory service for turning users on and off)
-Leveraging existing identities (if their customer already has a AD or LDAP or other user store we can leverage these identities)
-Custom Portal – The Cloud Broker can personalize our ribbon to be branded



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