Gluu : Cloud Federation appliance

Cloud Identity and Security Best Practices

Cloud Identity and Security Best Practices

In the Canadian GC Community Cloud standards they articulate requirements for ‘Cloud Federation Services‘, a means of inter-connecting Identity management systems (eg. Active Directory).

If you want to have your staff, who are on your LAN and logged in via AD, access remote Cloud services then you might want to ‘federate’ this directory with the counterpart in the Cloud Provider, to achieve various security and replication features.

Identity expert firm Gluu are working on a very cool appliance for this purpose, called the Gluu Identity Appliance. Gluu are one of very few people pioneering and specializing in the OASIS XDI protocol.



  1. williamsprakel says:

    The question is if you can speak of federated cloud identity by exchanging identity platforms. I truly believe that you should have something like a core-identity were you would link services and roles to. This is a field which still requires a lot of work.I’m waiting, perhaps even praying, for the day that I can authorize from a single pane of glass what everybody may do with my personal data, who should or shouldn’t get my info of changing address, to which application I want to give what rights for authentication and that means for authentication (proving identity) should really differ if I’m posting on social network, reading my business e-mail or if I want to make a payment from my bank account.

    Just my 2 cents, please let me know your thoughts.

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