Oracle Disaster Recovery Site Hosted by Amazon Cloud

DR sites are typically built as an exact replica of the primary site. Application and database software is installed on DR site and sits there mostly unused, waiting for a disaster to happen. DR site is very expensive proposition than only large companies are able to afford. Amazon AWS is an interesting alternative to having your own DR site.

Oracle databases on DR side are in Data Guard configuration with a primary site and actively apply archive log files shipped from there. Pay per use, scalable Amazon Cloud model makes it an attractive alternative to creating and maintaining your own DR site. During normal usage you will use only as many resources  CPU, memory) as is required to keep Oracle Data Guard active. Once disaster strikes you can switch over to DR site, add CPU and memory to your database and make it able to withstand regular load until primary site becomes functional again. As soon as primary site is repaired then new switchover can be initiated to fall back to the original configuration i.e. Amazon AWS again becomes your DR site.

Technology to build Oracle Data Guard databases in Amazon AWS is available. You can install Oracle software, create and configure Data Guard physical standby databases and enable archive log shipping between primary and DR sites.

Oracle Data Guard physical standby database requires same version of operating system software on both primary and DR sites. Amazon EC2 currently supports various flavors of Linux as well as Windows operating system. It means that having Oracle Data Guard DR site hosted by Amazon AWS will be possible for customers running Linux and Windows operating systems.

For databases larger than couple of hundred of Gigabytes it would be impossible to rely on standard Internet, out-of-the-box data transfer rates. Amazon AWS Direct Connect service lets you establish direct connection from your on-premise network to Amazon VPC using one or more 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections. There is no charge for IN data transfers, which makes it ideally suited for DR site purposes.

Open source fast file transfer protocol called Tsunami UDP provides faster data transfers than what is possible with ftp.

Products like Aspera that boost network data transfer rates are being introduced that make it possible to move terabytes of data on a daily basis. Please refer to There is additional cost associated with Aspera usage.


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