Canadian Government Shared Services Infrastructure Zones deployed in Amazon Web Services Public Cloud

According to IT Shared Services Security Domain & Zones Architecture document:
a server will typically need to “reside in” or “connect to” other specialized zones.

Readers will note that some servers are in Shared Services Canada Data Center – for example Monitoring, Management Restricted Zones, while other servers are in Amazon Web Services Public Cloud. Storage RZ can entirely reside in AWS S3 storage for backups and files of all purposes, while AWS EBS volumes can serve as block storage i.e. for file systems.

According to the same Government document servers also “reside” within the ITSS Management RZ from which they can be managed by SSC. Through this connection they can be monitored for availability and performance (i.e. by monitoring services located within the Monitoring RZ), and receive utility services (e.g. patch, update, network time, name to address resolution) from servers located within the Management PAZ.

Amazon Web Services can naturally blend with Canadian Shared Services as one of ready made, immediately available building blocks. Integration effort is negligible, since AWS components completely adhere to Cloud principles of on-demand, elastic, scalable service provisioning.


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