ECM 2.0 as a Service

OpenText is a leader in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) field.

Their white paper ‘Managing Content in the Cloud‘ explains how their suite can be delivered as a Cloud Application, written by their guru Tom Jenkins.

It covers a gentle introduction to what Cloud Computing is, and provides a case study example of how the City of Edmonton outsourced their Web 2.0 site this way. This case study strikes right at the heart of the value of Cloud Computing, where the staff found themselves spending most of their time simply managing servers, not adding value to customer front-end processes.

By outsourcing their site they were able to free themselves of this low ROI burden, and instead focus on innovation that drives real citizen value.

OpenText describe : “ECM in the cloud helps organizations bypass the investment required in infrastructure and ongoing administration and frees them up to respond strategically to customer needs and changes in the market. As more organizations seek out packaged ECM solutions, the ability to add Web services or build custom applications that augment existing legacy systems becomes a clear business advantage.”

Collaboration in the Cloud

Tom describes key scenarios like ECM 2.0 – ‘Collaboration in the Cloud’ – “social computing applications, including wikis, blogs, RSS feeds and social networking are being increasingly adopted as productivity tools for the enterprise.”

These are definately the killer app areas. As described here the Government of Canada is pioneering this use of Enterprise 2.0 social media through ‘GCPedia’, and this is underpinned by a GEDS2.0 Identity and security architecture to ensure secure, seamless user access across these and other GOC applications.

Tom finalizes with a view of where they key growth markets are: “As companies seek ECM solutions, the ability to build custom applications and add Web services which integrate with legacy applications and existing infrastructure becomes a business advantage.”


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